Farmer's Wife

Welcome to my Farmer's Wife Quilt!
My plan is to make about 6 blocks per week*,
posting my progress every Friday in the blog.
On this page, I'll have a condensed accounting
of each week with any notes that might be helpful
if I ever make this again, or if anyone else out there
is taking on this crazy adventure.

Cutting out these tiny pieces is really hard on my
neck/back so I've had to decrease this amount to
"at least 2 or 3 a week".

Full FQ set of Kim Diehl's  

Also 2 charm packs along with another Henry Glass
charm pack of ivories that coordinate.

Yardage (7+)

Important Note #1
If you are getting ready to print your templates,
definitely search for someone who has condensed
them all onto 15 pages or you'll be printing about 
120 sheets, one tiny template on each, like I did.

The start-up process for this quilt is a little more complicated
 than a normal one but after just the first few blocks, I can
see it was worth it.  This is going to be fun.  It's just
important to get organized.  I put all of my template pages
into these 4 folders for now.  I may never need them but I
also don't want to have to print them all again.

Important Note #2
You do NOT need to make a template for all the pieces.
If you measure the squares and rectangles, you can see
that they can easily be made with just a 6x6 acrylic ruler
and rotary cutter.  Note some are close to a normal
measurement but really aren't.  Look closely.

Not-So-Important Note #3
Block 3 with the basket handle?
Plan on hand-sewing that baby on.
Don't try on the machine.  Trust me.
I know these things.

Important Note #4
Do not attempt without a small rotating cutting mat.

Important Note #5
This is all about perfect cutting.
And using spray starch--even if you don't like
the mess it makes.  Just use it.  It helps a lot.

My Blocks
Week 1 (Jan 10)

Week 2 (Jan 17)

Week 3 (Jan 24)

Week 4 (Jan 31)

Week 5 (Feb 7)


Week 6 (Feb 14)


Week 7 (Feb 21)


Week 8 (Feb 28)

Week 9 (March 6)

Week 10 (Mar 12)

Week 11 (Mar 20)

Week 12 (Mar 27)

Week 13 (Apr 3)

Week 14 (Apr 17)

Week 15 (May 8)

Week 16 (May 16)

*Picked up yardage of 2 backgrounds as I'm running low.
Watching for more of this line.

Week 17 (May 29)


Week 18 (June 5)
47 & 48

Week 19 (June 12)
49 & 50