27 September 2013

We Adjust, We Adapt

I want to write about a lot.
Some people don't know what.
I have too much.

A daughter's high school graduation.
An international trip.
A daughter marrying, moving away.
Tired, stretched a little thin.
Adjust, adapt.

Another daughter off to college.
Reeling a little, but getting it all in.
Everyone back in school now.
Adjust, adapt.
Mom is sick.
Mom is really sick...
So much time in the hospital.
Trying to keep up.
Mom is back home...but time is limited.
(Isn't everyone's?)
To treat?
Why ruin the last days?

No one knows how long.
Months?  Years?
Too young to have lost both, but feeling old anyway.
Adjust, adapt.
The time was always going to come.
But it was always "later".
Not now.
Things will just never be the same.
Neither good, nor bad.
And we adjust, we adapt. 

We are molded.
We grow on.
It's His Plan.

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