2017 Projects

Table Runner
Completed 1-9

Baby J's Whales
11-9 Completed

1800's fabrics
9-10:  Top finished--ready for quilting.
Finished 12-16, Christmas gift

Christmas Wall Hanging
Completed 11-12

Mystery BOM for a Christmas gift
A Quilting Life
11-8 Top Complete

Circling Geese
11-30: Completed

October Winds
12-8 Completed

9-26-17:  Top complete--ready for quilting
(Finished and sold 1-18)

Grandmother's Orchard
10-1:  Top complete--ready for quilting

Completed 4-17

Other Projects

Set of burp cloths for daughter
Completed 9-15

Set of burp cloths for niece
Completed 11-5 (not pictured)

2016 Projects

(Unnamed; '17 Graduation Gift)
Top Finished May '16
Quilted and FInished April 2017

Farm Fresh Baby Quilt
Completed 7-19-16

Gnome Stars Baby Quilt
Completed 9-10-16
Gifted 10-16

Gnome Stars Lap Quilt
All 12 blocks completed 7-26-16
No further plans on this one yet.
Finished (see 1-17) and sold

 Re-Cover Table Top Iron Board
Completed 7-31-16

Little Red Riding Hood
Top completed 8-3-16
Layered and basted 8-24-16
Quilting completed 10-30-16
Finished 2017


Winter Windows
Pieced Fall '15; Quilted Jan '16
Completely finished 10-13-16
Gifted 12-25-16

Completed 9-26-16
Gifted 10-16

Scrappy Flying Geese
Ready for quilting

Fall Quilt in Rustic Reds & Creams
Top Completed 10-17-16;
Gifted 11-13-16

Started 12-1-16
Finished 12-20-16
Gifted 12-24-16

2 Birthday Gifts
1 Pair cable mittens completed 2-16; gifted 10-16

Christmas Gifts
1 cable scarf completed 1-16; to be gifted 1-17
1 pair fingerless gloves 1-16; gifted 12-16
4 pr cable mittens completed 2-16;  gifted 12-16
1 awesome cable beret/hat started 3-16

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