28 September 2011

Why We Really Love Fall

We often ask each other,
"What's your favorite thing about fall?"

I really don't think it's possible to
narrow this down to one thing.
The cool weather, the colors of the leaves, 
sweaters, soups, apples--and the pumpkins!

The gourds and the pumpkins!
Hot chocolate, cider and lattes.

Quilts and snuggling beneath them

 and oh, yes! 
 Roaring and crackling in the fireplace:
a beautiful fire.

And so, in trying to sum up this answer, I thought,
"Aren't we just naturally 'nesters' "?
During the summer we journey out--
to ballgames, the pool, a lake, vacation, the zoo,
even just out working in our yard and in our gardens.

But fall finds us beginning to settle back in,
doing everything we need
to make sure the winter finds us prepared.

We make our quilts, preserve our food,
clean up our gardens & stack the wood.

We bring back order from the chaos
that summer brought to our lives.

Very soon we will be "cozied" back in our homes.

Once again, we'll be among the things
that bring us warmth, peace and contentment,
especially when we know just how much
work and love has gone into
the preparation of these "nests". 

Jane Austen put it very simply:
"There is no place like home
for true comfort."

This is the time we come back.
This is when we come home
Who wouldn't love everything about fall?

Photo Credits: 

The Lettered Cottage

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Stephanie Bishop said...

Your entryway is so inviting and delightful and I too love fall for ALL The very same reasons----and CANDY CORN! I only consume it during the season---all things in moderation!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Lovely post! Your home is beautiful and the photos you posted are too.

I'm your newest follower. Welcome to blogging. :)

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