27 February 2017

Where's The Monday Motivation?

Perhaps the only thing worse than a boring, mild
winter is when the temps go up and down dramatically?
As much as I long for snow, having all of our 70+ degree days
get interrupted by a  weekend of "below freezing" reminds me
a little of when our water heater broke a month ago.
At least I got to enjoy a toasty fire.

This probably doesn't look real different from my update
last week but I said I was going to get them sewn together
before the week was out so here I am to prove it happened.

 I don't mind setting this one aside but I really wanted to get
a border or two on it first so that is my only goal this week.
(It's too small for my taste so border-less really isn't an option.)
So far my stash is no help but I'm hoping some time
away from the sewing room will give me a new perspective
and all will be fine.

Looking ahead, I have two baby quilts to get started on.
Whether or not I make both from the same pattern to save time
or make two different quilts, right now I do have two that I'm looking at.
The first can be found on the Moda Bake Shop.

The second is from Fons & Porter.

Because they're scrappy, both would be great stash-busters.

I did some killer-baking this weekend so I wanted to share a
couple links.  The irony here is that I've been cutting sugar
from my diet drastically (aside from local honey for my allergies),
but then allowing a little cheating on the weekends. 
Both of these recipes far surpass "a little cheating"
and probably have something to do with my tiredness today
even if I did keep to one serving of each.

No other word for it.
Especially if you're a fan of bread pudding--it tastes about the same.
There's a scrumptious layer of caramel and bananas throughout the
middle.  In fact, I think I'd up the banana count to 4.  I'm into fruit.

The awesome bonus is that you can make it the night before.
I whipped up some homemade French bread for the occasion,
and I had, from the previous weekend, a little homemade
salted caramel in the fridge that made a great drizzle for the top.
Definitely top with fresh whipped cream, but light on the sugar
when you beat it up because, really,
I think this has a month's worth of sugar all in one serving.

My husband and I are again catechists for Confirmation this year
and teach a group of teens in our home every Sunday after Mass
(for 12 weeks).  We love to cook so much that it was our personal
decision to make some sort of breakfast for them.
This Sunday I made my own recipe of French Apple Muffins

This was actually my way of putting off crepes, btw.
We're officially half-way through and I haven't made them yet.
What can I say?  They're kind of a lot of work.  Not that I don't enjoy
making them--I do!  But when you get home at 8:45 am and class
begins at 10:15, well, it's just not as fun to cook when you're
in a hurry.  Though, I have become very good at prepping all of these
breakfasts in any way possible the night before.
The sifting, the cooking of the berries, etc but in no way will I give
up "hot out of the oven freshness" for ease on my part.
I'm a stickler for putting a recipe's best foot (berry?) forward.
The crepes?  They'll happen.  Soon.  Really.
At least that's what I keep telling the kids.

Today's temps are warmer but there's a chill in the house so I'm
camped out by the fire, both of us struggling with motivation.
Nothing a little more firewood can't fix for him.
For me?
What usually works is to just force myself into a task.
And next thing you know, I'll be cleaning, baking, sewing or something.
Maybe just some afternoon tea.

(I thought this would make for a cozy way to show my quilt top off...
till I noticed my boys' mess in the sewing room window.  
They seem to take after me in wanting to work in front of a good view so who
am I to make them put it away?  Well, at least before the weekend was up.)

There just aren't many (any??) more days left for a toasty fire!

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Beautiful! Love how it looks in front of the fire. It is very classic and should expand with borders nicely.

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